Jun. 7th, 2017

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Oliver Queen was once a playboy who was perfectly content to move in the right circles and spend his parents money like he was the one who had earned it. Then one night he stumbled on a conversation between his mother Moria and father Robert that concerned a family friend Malcolm Meryln and something called "The Undertaking." Worried that his family was ensnared in something that could ruin the good life they had, Oliver snuck aboard the "Queen's Gambit" to discover the truth.

While on the ship, Oliver learned his father was the creator of a plan to wipe an area of Starling City known as the Glades without any regard to human life and Malcolm completely opposed the idea believing that there was a better way to clean the city of it's more dangerous elements. The two men argued as a storm crashed over the Gambit. Robert used the distraction to shoot Malcolm sending the other man over the rail. Oliver witnessed all of this and rushed forward to try and grab Malcolm only to get pulled into the raging sea himself. Robert returned home claiming the two men had died and Oliver and Malcolm were both mourned for five years.

Oliver, however, washed up on an island called Lian Yu were he was "rescued" by a doctor named Io who used Oliver as a guinea pig and sounding board for a type of super solider serum. This brought Oliver back into contact with Malcolm who had survived his own drop into the sea. They attempted to stop Io, but he forced Malcolm to choose between saving a woman named Shadow and Oliver. Knowing Robert would never forgive him for getting his son killed, Malcolm saved Oliver and Shadow was murdered driving a wedge between Oliver, who felt a deep sense of guilt over an innocent woman's death and Slade Wilson, who had loved Shadow deeply. 

Io was defeated in the end, but Oliver was badly wounded during the fight and Malcolm left him for dead. However, Lian Yu was also home to a training camp for the League of Assassins and Nyssa Al Ghul found Oliver and saved his life. She took him back to her home of Nanda Parbat and trained him in the art of the League. Oliver's lightness of foot and ability to talk himself out of most dangerous situations earned him the name "Canary" and Nyssa sent him back to Starling City to confirm the rumors that a League trained archer was going against the vows of the League and killing honorable men including Robert Queen. 

Oliver quickly discovered that the archer in question was Malcolm Meryln, who was using the training he received on Lian Yu to root out the poison harming Starling City and he is torn between avenging his father and helping Malcolm. He finally decides to join Team Arrow, when a young woman, working closely, named Felicity Smoak confirms that Oliver's fears years earlier about Robert were true, The Undertaking had been Robert's idea and Malcolm had been forced to kill his old friend to save the city, but at a terrible cost as Malcolm's son Tommy had died in the aftermath.

Oliver swears to assist  Malcolm in his quest and gets permission from the League to do so with the understanding that he will keep an eye on Malcolm and do what he has to if the older hero gets out of line. 


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