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Name:Oliver Queen
Birthdate:Jun 16
Location:Starling City, United States of America
Name: Oliver Oueen
Fandom: Arrow
Canon Point: Post 3X23: My Name is Oliver Queen just after the fight with Ra's Al Ghul but before he and Felicity Smoak ride off into the sunset and Malcolm Meryln is given the Demon Head's ring.
Played By: Stephen Amell

Physical Description: Oliver Queen is an even six feet tall with blonde hair and blue eyes. Raised by a wealthy parents Oliver knows how to dress well and does so to both hide his secret life and because he enjoys looking good. When Oliver Queen, he wears well tailored suits and designer jeans and carries himself tall and proud knowing he is always doing the right thing. He is athletic and strong with fantastic upper body strength.

When Oliver is the Arrow his manner of dress and physical appearance changes. He hunches more as he sneaks through the shadows and he wears a green hood and leather, lots of leather. He also modulates his voice using technology in an effort to disguise his voice.

World Description: The world Oliver comes from is a very dark and dangerous. Starling City is poisoned by greed and crime and Oliver often feels as through he is fighting an uphill battle as he works for justice. Starling City has suffered through two major attacks in the three years, Slade Wilson's army tore through the city and Malcolm Meryln's earthquake machine ripped half the Glades apart. As such, the city is a constant state of repair and development with plenty of shadows to hide in.

But for every criminal the city breeds, three more heroes rise up to help the Arrow protect it. Black Canary, Red Arrow and the Flash are all at hand to help Oliver when he gets in a jam.

Special Skills:

Oliver's skills are all the result of training and include advanced archery and hand to hand combat as well as being very agile and able to parkour with the best of them. He also speaks Russian, Mandarin and Spanish fluently and can handle just about any weapon you can think of.


Oliver Queen is the oldest son of Moria and Robert Queen and the half brother of Thea Queen Meryln. For most of his life he knew he had a silver spoon in his mouth and used it to his full advantage becoming a playboy in his teen years. He didn't care who he hurt or whose heart he broke he simply took what he wanted and never looked back. In 2012, he walked aboard his father's yacht the Queen's Gambit sneaking his girlfriend Sara Lance aboard as well. Oliver then was declared missing when the yacht went down several days later.

Five years later, Oliver returned to Starling City a changed young man. He wouldn't say much about where he was during all that time, just that he had come home with a mission to save Starling City from the corruption and crime that had poisoned it. He chose to do this by becoming a hero for the city and using the archery and other skills he had learned during his time away. The vigilante was first called the Hood and then the Arrow by Oliver's enemies and allies.

Over his three years as a hero, Oliver has faced betrayal, death, and sacrifice. He has been a killer and then set that down in honor of his best friend and lost the company his father built from the ground up, but he has never lost sight of his goal to make Starling City better and to save innocent people from the crime and corruption that surround them.


Oliver's personality has two sides to it, much like his life. His playboy personality is charming, open and somewhat honest. With people he doesn't know, he comes across superficial and stupid, but it is all a front to pull information out of people that he needs for his mission. Oliver's true personality is warm if a bit standoffish. This is because he is terrified of people dying and leaving him so he finds it easier to push them away instead of pulling them close.

Oliver feels deeply for his family and friends even though he doesn't show it. And he is always willing to give people the benefit of the doubt even if others will not. This deep emotional connection with people can sometimes get Oliver into trouble and he is very stubborn when he thinks he is in the right. He also suffers moments of deep guilt and self loathing that he hides behind his charming smile and sometimes heated temper.

When Oliver first started his quest to clean up the city, he was determined to go it alone. He went out of his way to be a jerk to the people around him so that they wouldn't get curious about his extra curricular activities. Starting with John Diggle, however, Oliver was forced to open up and add members to Team Arrow as he realized this job was too big for just one person. He hasn't gotten used to having allies in the Arrow cave and still digs his heels in from time to time when he thinks they don't need someone to help them.

[This is an unofficial fan account created for the purpose of role playing at [community profile] ten_fwd; I am not Oliver Queen, who is the property of DC Comics, George Papp, Mort Weisinger and Arrow show runner Greg Berlanti. No copyright infringement is intended, and no profit is being made.]
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