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Oliver Queen was once a playboy who was perfectly content to move in the right circles and spend his parents money like he was the one who had earned it. Then one night he stumbled on a conversation between his mother Moria and father Robert that concerned a family friend Malcolm Meryln and something called "The Undertaking." Worried that his family was ensnared in something that could ruin the good life they had, Oliver snuck aboard the "Queen's Gambit" to discover the truth.

While on the ship, Oliver learned his father was the creator of a plan to wipe an area of Starling City known as the Glades without any regard to human life and Malcolm completely opposed the idea believing that there was a better way to clean the city of it's more dangerous elements. The two men argued as a storm crashed over the Gambit. Robert used the distraction to shoot Malcolm sending the other man over the rail. Oliver witnessed all of this and rushed forward to try and grab Malcolm only to get pulled into the raging sea himself. Robert returned home claiming the two men had died and Oliver and Malcolm were both mourned for five years.

Oliver, however, washed up on an island called Lian Yu were he was "rescued" by a doctor named Io who used Oliver as a guinea pig and sounding board for a type of super solider serum. This brought Oliver back into contact with Malcolm who had survived his own drop into the sea. They attempted to stop Io, but he forced Malcolm to choose between saving a woman named Shadow and Oliver. Knowing Robert would never forgive him for getting his son killed, Malcolm saved Oliver and Shadow was murdered driving a wedge between Oliver, who felt a deep sense of guilt over an innocent woman's death and Slade Wilson, who had loved Shadow deeply. 

Io was defeated in the end, but Oliver was badly wounded during the fight and Malcolm left him for dead. However, Lian Yu was also home to a training camp for the League of Assassins and Nyssa Al Ghul found Oliver and saved his life. She took him back to her home of Nanda Parbat and trained him in the art of the League. Oliver's lightness of foot and ability to talk himself out of most dangerous situations earned him the name "Canary" and Nyssa sent him back to Starling City to confirm the rumors that a League trained archer was going against the vows of the League and killing honorable men including Robert Queen. 

Oliver quickly discovered that the archer in question was Malcolm Meryln, who was using the training he received on Lian Yu to root out the poison harming Starling City and he is torn between avenging his father and helping Malcolm. He finally decides to join Team Arrow, when a young woman, working closely, named Felicity Smoak confirms that Oliver's fears years earlier about Robert were true, The Undertaking had been Robert's idea and Malcolm had been forced to kill his old friend to save the city, but at a terrible cost as Malcolm's son Tommy had died in the aftermath.

Oliver swears to assist  Malcolm in his quest and gets permission from the League to do so with the understanding that he will keep an eye on Malcolm and do what he has to if the older hero gets out of line. 
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Want to do something with Oliver contact me via DM or comment  here and we can plot something out!
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Your name or online alias: Jackie
Your email: pinnskyj6444@gmail.com
Another preferred means of contact: Plurk: captain_flyboy or AIM: doctor_wells

Character's Full Name: Oliver Queen
Character's Canon: DC Live Action: Arrow
Character's Canon Point: 3X23: My Name is Oliver Queen
Character's Journal Name: [personal profile] hoodandarrow 
What would you like your character's tag to be?: oliver queen

Character's background (their past and present):

Oliver Queen is the oldest son of Moira and Robert Queen and the half brother of Thea Queen Merlyn.  For most of his life he knew he had a silver spoon in his mouth and used it to his full advantage becoming a playboy in his teen years. He didn't care who he hurt or whose heart he broke he simply took what he wanted and never looked back. In 2012, he walked aboard his father's yacht the Queen's Gambit sneaking his girlfriend Sara Lance aboard as well. Oliver then was declared missing when the yacht went down several days later.

Five years later, Oliver returned to Starling City a changed young man. He wouldn't say much about where he was during all that time, just that he had come home with a mission to save Starling City from the corruption and crime that had poisoned it. He chose to do this by becoming a hero for the city and using the archery and other skills he had learned during his time away. The vigilante was first called the Hood and then the Arrow by Oliver's enemies and allies.

Over his three years as a hero, Oliver has faced betrayal, death, and sacrifice. He has been a killer and then set that down in honor of his best friend and lost the company his father built from the ground up, but he has never lost sight of his goal to make Starling City better and to save innocent people from the crime and corruption that surround them.

Character's personality:

Oliver's personality has two sides to it, much like his life. His playboy personality is charming, open and somewhat honest. With people he doesn't know, he comes across superficial and stupid, but it is all a front to pull information out of people that he needs for his mission. Oliver's true personality is warm if a bit standoffish. This is because he is terrified of people dying and leaving him so he finds it easier to push them away instead of pulling them close.

Oliver feels deeply for his family and friends even though he doesn't show it. And he is always willing to give people the benefit of the doubt even if others will not. This deep emotional connection with people can sometimes get Oliver into trouble and he is very stubborn when he thinks he is in the right. He also suffers moments of deep guilt and self loathing that he hides behind his charming smile and sometimes heated temper.

When Oliver first started his quest to clean up the city, he was determined to go it alone. He went out of his way to be a jerk to the people around him so that they wouldn't  get curious about his extracurricular activities.  Starting with John Diggle, however, Oliver was forced to open up and add members to Team Arrow as he realized this job was too big for just one person. He hasn't gotten used to having allies in the Arrow cave and still digs his heels in from time to time when he thinks they don't need someone to help them.

Character's skills/abilities/powers:

Oliver's skills are all the result of training and include advanced archery and hand to hand combat as well as being very agile and able to parkour with the best of them. He also speaks Russian, Mandarin and Spanish fluently and can handle just about any weapon you can think of.

Any special equipment your character is bringing along? This includes weaponry, magic items, etc.:

Oliver will be wearing his Arrow armor/outfit when he arrives and carrying his high tech bow and a quiver of trick arrows on his back.

Are you bringing your character to [community profile] ten_fwd from another game? If you are, which game?: No

If you answered yes above, briefly summarize how they were changed by and what challenges they faced in the climate of their previous game(s): N/A

Why do you want to play this character in Ten Forward, and what do you plan to do with them:

Oliver is a complicated character to play and I love complicated characters. They have so many layers to them and it seems like the more you peel back the more of their personality you discover. Oliver is also a man looking for a home and a family even though he doesn't think he deserves such things. He will see coming to the Enterprise as a second chance to live a normal life and let go of all the trials and pain of being the Arrow.

In terms of what I will do with him in game, he is going to spend a lot of time with his half sister Thea. Both of them have had a rough few years between their mother's death and the discovery of Thea's biological father. He is going to train her to fight and just generally try to be a better brother to her then he has been in the past. He will also throw himself into whatever new position the ship assigns him. He will enjoy the new adventure of being in space and meeting new people and species. 

Writing Sample #1:

Oliver knew he was going to his death when he chose to follow Malcolm’s lead and request a trial by combat from Ra’s Al Ghul. He just didn’t expect death to hurt this much. The sword stabbed into his stomach like a white hot iron and it took all his mental strength not to cry out as it did. He managed nothing more than a short gasp mixed with a groan that made Ra’s smile.

The Demon’s Head leaned down and started whispering something into Oliver’s ear in a language that he didn’t know. It sounded both harsh and comforting all at the same time. Images of family and friends started flickering past Oliver’s eyes as they slowly slid closed.  He saw his mother and father with their arms wrapped around each other and smiling, Slade reaching out to slap his younger self on the back with a “good job kid” while Shado looked on with pride.

He saw Team Arrow joking around and laughing when he thought they couldn’t see him and Barry Allen looking up at him with deep hero worship in his eyes.  And last of all he saw Thea and Felicity standing together watching him with a deep sense of sadness. The two women loved best in all the world standing and waiting for him to die. It seemed fitting in a way, since Oliver was letting them both down by not coming home safe like he promised.

There is so much Oliver wishes he could say to them, but the words won’t come. His voice is frozen by his oncoming death as much by his own fear.  He feels his awareness start to fade away as his body falls backward propelled by a hard kick from Ra’s. “I’m sorry,” he thinks to those he loves as he starts to fall over the cliff behind him, “I’m sorry I let you down. I failed Starling and I failed all of you.”

And with that the man that was once Oliver Queen is gone and an empty husk completes his last journey over the cliff alone.

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Oliver has seen and done a lot, so there isn't much he won't do to project his family and friends. Comment here if you aren't sure how he would react to something.


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